Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A.N. Wilson Interview

Classfellow D.S. sends along this very informative interview with A.N. Wilson developing some of the ideas in our recommended course text, God's Funeral.
So begins the latest book by A.N. Wilson, British novelist (The Healing Arts, Wise Virgin, Incline Our Hearts) and noted biographer (of Tolstoy, Milton, C.S. Lewis) who provoked controversy with his biographical studies of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. In God’s Funeral, Wilson presents the biography of a wounded culture: the great writers, artists and intellectuals of the 19th century who lost their faith when confronted with that century’s great scientific discoveries — particularly Darwin’s The Origin of Species. It was a clash between science and religion that shook the foundations of the Western world and "brought about a devastating sense of emotional loss which extends to our own times."

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