Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Selfish Gene, finally, becoming extinct.

As we know, our reading of Darwin shows that he offers group selection as the means by which social degeneracy is turned to moral progress. For the past twenty years or so, a cult of what have been called (by Stephen J. Gould for one) 'Darwinian Fundamentalists', headed by Richard Dawkins, have peed on the very idea of group selection from the twin dogma belief that (a.)individual genes are the only operative site for natural selection, and (b.) individual genes are entirely and uniersally concerned with their own survival. Hence the slogan "selfish gene."

As the following blog article sets forward, this cult is now being overthrown. (Full disclosure: I have been making great polemical hay, publically and privately, mocking this preposterous dogma from my undergraduate days. The great Edward O. Wilson has changed his mnd, which is the not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end!

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